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Riley The Fennec and Friends

cody and riley

Hi . Just wanted to let everyone know that we are once again the proud FOX parents. Riley Hildebrand traveled safely from his place of birth Caramello, California to Springdale Ohio on Saturday May 5, 2012. He arrived on Continental Airlines (Safe Pet Service) via LAX in California, to Houston, Texas, to Columbus International Airport (United Airlines Baggage and Pick Up Office) The Director of the United Airlines Baggage Office was so taken in by the little fox's venture that he took it on personally to make sure he was on the flight from Houston Texas to Columbus Ohio. ALSO, when Riley's plane touched down. He announced over the entire Airport P.A. System "THE FOX HAS LANDED". People gathered to see the little guy, who amused everyone with his soft barking and "would be" menacing growls at everything that he did not understand.  He is about the size of a small grapefruit. He is doing well.  Ricky and Cyclone who we are fox sitting while his owner is in California visiting, listened intently last night as strange baby fox sounds were heard coming from our bedroom.  Ricky seemed very excited and playful tossing about his toys this morning.  He was told he was getting a little brother.  Ricky's behavior seemed to be one of happiness and joy, almost as if he were the father fox. Cyclone made no special mention of the new little kid that kept everyone up through the night.  He was only excited over the piece of pizza that I retrieved from the refrigerator.  In the coming days and weeks, we invite all of you to drop by and see Riley and Ricky. You will be most welcomed by them both.

Cody & Arnold Hildebrand
(Wild Brother Animal Behavior Study)

riley in cage 

riley asleep




Left to Right:
Arnold Hildebrand & Ricky, Cody Hildebrand & Riley,
Vicki Staton & Gin, Paul Wade & Cyclone

all of us


Riley at 15 Weeks Old

riley 15 wks 1

riley 15 wks 2


Riley at 6 months old

riley 6 months


Cyclone's Kitten Sunami Shows His Affection By Giving Cyclone A Good Grooming



Watch Videos of Riley, Gin, Cyclone and Ricky!

Click on the link below

Cody and Riley

Riley The Fennec Fox

Gin "Growing Up Silver"

Paul Wade and Cyclone

Our Son Ricky


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