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Research Links

Here is a list of some of our favorite web sites that will help you learn more about skunks, how they live, eat and co-exist with humans.



Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia gives you a more in-depth look at domesticated skunks, their history and their care.



Wild Skunk Rescue aims to educate the public on skunk behaviors and tolerance by speaking out against ancient myths that get thousands of innocent skunks killed every year. They encourage the surrender of rescued skunks to a wildlife rehabilitator as soon as possible in the best interest of the skunks and to protect your family from diseases and parasites. With this mission in mind, they discourage the keeping of wild orphan skunks as pets.


The Skunk Whisperer®, Inc., has become known as a pioneer in unique, truly humane nuisance wildlife management methods, and is often featured in the news recently receiving international attention. Oklahoma based, our humane wildlife control services surpass model guidelines from The Humane Society Of The United States for nuisance wildlife control companies.
Truly humane wildlife removal & prevention, done right the 1st time



Dragoo Institute for the Betterment of Skunks and Skunk Reputations



Protecting and conserving avian populations through research, education and advocacy.



Mr Bill Reichling is the Founder of R+R Trackers and is extremely knowledgeable of mountain lions, cougars etc. Bill and the associate trackers actually study tracks on the various hikes and expeditions that they engage in yearly.



TriState Bigfoot conducts investigative research into recent Bigfoot sightings in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.



Pet skunks have been raised domestically for over 100 years. Their personalities are the most interesting of any exotic pet I have ever had.



A North American Nonprofit Charitable Corporation helping hedgehogs in need.





Exotic animals are not like a dog or cat.  Each exotic animal requires their own special needs.  This web site will give you further insight into the caring of these animals.  Educate yourself before you buy.



Spencer Park Aviary and Wild Life Center is a grass roots project being developed with the community for the community.  You can help continue their special programs and park development by clicking HERE, for donating to the park.  All donations are tax deductible. 


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 Research Links


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