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Gin, Growing Up Silver

3 weeks old

This is Gin. Gin (whose name means "silver" in Japanese) is a Silver Fox. A Silver Fox is a color variation of the North American Red Fox. Gin is the product of captive bred parents from several generations of captive bred fox. As an adult, Gin will be a very pretty silver color, hence the name. She was born on April 7, 2012.
Gin was weaned from her parents at 21 days old, the breeders do this so that the baby fox will bond with their new human family. If left with their parents, they will start to take on the characteristics of a fox and not be quite so happy to adapt and live in a home with humans.
We brought Gin to our home the day after she was taken from her mother, she's fitting in to the Staton family nicely and already has become a loved family member.
At 4 1/2 wks now, Gin is eating formula and chopped up chicken from a bowl several times a day. She's using a cat pan regularly and playing with the family pets. In another week, she'll be offered soft cat food and water and then not long after that we'll start introducing dry dog food to her diet.
Bentley and Gin Play
bentley and gin 


Gin Sleeping/Snuggling With Her Suffed Dog
 gin playing


Gin at 4 1/2 Weeks and Vicki, Gin's "Mother" 
gin vicki 


Gin and Cody
gin cody
Gin almost 8 weeks old
8 weeks 1
8 weeks 2
8 weeks 3
Gin 10 weeks old
gin 10 weeks old 1
gin 10 weeks old 2
gin 10 weeks old 3
Gin 12 weeks old
Gin 12 weeks 1
Gin 12 weeks 2
Gin 12 weeks 3
Gin 12 weeks 4


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